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3 Wool Hunting Jackets You’ll Want to Have This Season

Wool hunting jackets are a great choice for the outdoorsman.

Wool clothing has been the choice of outdoorsman for centuries. The great woodsmen of yesteryear, such as George (Nessmuk) Sears, herald the pros of using wool over all other materials, even in the summer time.

In this modern age of synthetic materials and miracle insulated linings, wool carries on a legacy of being one of the wisest choice for the woodsman. What are the pros of wool, you may ask?US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

It will insulate you if you get wet from rain or take an unexpected dunk in the river. It insulates very well and the finer the wool quality is, the less itch there will be that turns off many potential users of wool clothing. Alpaca wool is the warmest and among the softest I have felt. It insulates so well the I find it too warm in many instances.

So, what are the hot choices available in wool that you can buy and wear this year?

Here are three good choices you can’t go wrong with.

Columbia Monarch Pass

Columbia’s Monarch Pass Jacket is a good warm wool jacket that is a good price at $109.99. Not only will it keep you warm, it will also hide you from the prying eyes of your targets with your choice of either snow or brown camouflage. Buy a larger size and throw it on over your regular jacket when you get to your late season deer stand and never be cold again.


Filson Double Mackinaw Cruiser

The Filson Double Mackinaw Cruiser is a truly American-made piece of functional art. This heavy duty wool coat will fight the arctic blast with style! It is available in three colors. At a retail price of $415 at Country Outfitter, it may not be the cheapest coat you will ever buy, but when you hand your coat down as a family heirloom to the hunters of tomorrow, the quality will speak for itself.


Maine Guide Wool Parka

L.L. Bean has the Maine Guide Wool Parka with a PrimaLoft Infinity Insulation. Available in camouflage or two other colors, this heavily insulated parka will keep you warm at a retail cost of $219. Buy it here on the LL Bean site.


Pair the above coats with a wool hat, matching pants, and even wool socks and you will have a weather busting combination that will keep you going through the late seasons.

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3 Wool Hunting Jackets You’ll Want to Have This Season