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‘Through the Woods’: An Orvis Fly Fishing Adventure

This is a spectacular trip in Utah during an Orvis fly fishing adventure in the east-central part of the state.

Check out this short video on these two guys’ outstanding summer fly fishing adventure in the wilds of Utah; it will definitely make you pine for spring.

The Orvis Company has created a great video here that captures the attraction of fly fishing, and it isn’t all just about catching the trout–it is the whole experience of being outdoors.

What avid fly fisherperson hasn’t dreamed of an entire season of being a “trout bum” and fishing and camping the back roads and wilderness with the whole mission being to fish as much trout water as you possibly can?

I fully plan on retirement to spend at least a month in the foothills of Alberta, Canada, fishing the likes of the Oldman River that lies mainly in public land. These more remote places allow you to camp where you want and experience some of the best foothills trout fishing available in North America.

Plan out your own fly fishing adventure and dedicate at least a week to it this summer.

Good luck and tight lines.


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‘Through the Woods’: An Orvis Fly Fishing Adventure