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Odd Calibers Are Where Woodleigh Bullets Shine

If uncommon calibers are what you’re after, Woodleigh bullets may be your brand.

There’s nothing sadder than having a fine rifle and no bullets to go along with it.

A situation such as this is what led one nice Australian gentleman to start the Woodleigh bullet company. A few decades back, Mr. Woodleigh and a few of his buddies had some nice, old English double rifles. They could only find lead cast bullets to fire out of these outdated elephant guns, and these bullets didn’t seem to really cut it when it came to swatting water buffalo.

To solve this problem, Mr. Woodleigh did what anybody would do and started manufacturing his own jacketed bullets in antiquated calibers.

Now, this particular business model probably doesn’t sound like much of a moneymaker at first blush, but you’d be surprised how many folks there are out there who’ll pay good money to get an old gun shooting again.

While Woodleigh offers a line of bullets in what Americans consider standard calibers running from .264 up to .375, it’s their real big bore stuff that’s most interesting.

If you’re stuck with a 577 Nitro express rifle, Woodleigh offers no less than three different bullet choices in solids, soft noses and FMJ’s. Thinking of building a 404 Jeffery on that long action in the closet? Woodleigh makes five different bullets for that one. Got Granddad’s 425 Westley Richards? Woodleigh only makes two bullets for that one, but they’re .435 diameter like they should be.

Heck, Woodleigh even makes fodder for weird small bores like the original 8mm Mausers that came with .318 bores, or the 275 H&H, which requires a .288 diameter bullet to shoot well.

No matter how odd your requirements might be, Woodleigh is probably the company that can help you out.

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What makes Woodleigh bullets especially interesting is that they aren’t intended to simply allow for target practice with old guns. Woodleigh’s projectiles are real live hunting bullets that can hold their own in terms of performance with any bullet currently on the market.

The folks at Woodleigh assume that you didn’t get that 333 Jeffery up and running to shoot paper with it, so they make their bullets to match.

Woodleigh’s Weldcore bullet is designed to operate wonderfully at the velocities it is meant for, and holds together better than any lead core, copper jacket bullet I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve never yet found a use in North America for their FMJs or solids, but I may someday.

A quick review of Woodleigh’s catalog will reveal that they don’t make any low-priced bullets, but that’s a bit much to expect when you’re shopping for Nitro Express components. Just in terms of weight, Woodleigh bullets need to cost more in most cases.

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While Woodleigh projectiles will never be cheap, they might be just the thing you’ve been looking for to get that new project off the ground or to resurrect an old shooter.

Either way, they can be counted on to perform in the real world where we all want to get the most use out of our guns.


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Odd Calibers Are Where Woodleigh Bullets Shine