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“Woodchucks” Greco-Roman Wrestle at Roadside

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A couple of Chinese “woodchucks” go at it in a bout of upper body moves and counter-moves, as they wrestle for control. It’s pretty funny.

Two critters that look kind of like smaller versions of American woodchucks or marmots don’t seem to care whether or not they’re on a busy road. They wrestle with one another like it’s a grudge match.

The scene takes place on a rural road in China, and I’m not sure what exactly the species is, but it’s clear that these two have been watching some Greco-Roman or Sumo wrestling matches.

It seems that some four legged critters occasionally like to stand up on two legs and have at it, pushing and shoving each other for supremacy. Check out these two koala bears wrestling just like a pair of freestyle wrestlers.

Perhaps the origin of wrestling was found in the mimicry of such animals, who knows?

In any event, these two furry little beasts work for an advantage in a manner that would have an Olympic wrestler taking notes.

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“Woodchucks” Greco-Roman Wrestle at Roadside