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Wood Splitting the Old-Fashioned Way [VIDEO]

Wood splitting is something almost all outdoorsmen have to deal with, and this is one of the strangest ways to do it.

Wood splitting is usually not very fun, and anyone who’s ever done it has their own methods of going about it. Some prefer the old-fashioned way, saying it warms you twice, “Once when you cut it and once when you light it.”

Others prefer a more efficient method, like using the HFP160 wood cutting and splitting attachment.

But one invention may employ the weirdest wood splitting method we’ve seen yet.

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According to its website, the Athens Horse Treadmill has been safely used for more than 12 years. While it doesn’t include a cost for the horse treadmill, I have a hard time believing that it is cost-efficient.

It is an interesting concept, to say the least.

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Wood Splitting the Old-Fashioned Way [VIDEO]