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You Won’t Believe This Scary-Fast Shark Attack

shark attack

Here is my absolute nightmare, captured in a few terrifying seconds.

I’m probably not alone in that fear either. Scuba diving at 57 meters underwater is the last place most of us would want to see a shark.

In fact, I’m just fine watching them from afar during Shark Week. And this is the reason why.

Check out this lightning-quick shark attach video.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the worst thing I can imagine. As humans, we’re already pretty helpless under the water, especially at depths of almost 60 meters. If something goes wrong, it can go very wrong very quickly.

And a shark attack definitely qualifies as “wrong” in this underwater equation.

If you watch the video again, you’ll see that the shark swims out of nowhere to attack the flurry of bubbles coming from the scuba diver’s rebreather.

Sharks and most other predatory fish are attracted to motion and bubbles, as it usually indicates a struggling prey species. As such, they tend to attack rather ferociously without much visual confirmation of their target.

A shark attack on a human is rarely intentional; rather, biologists believe that humans were just mistaken for natural prey species.

While that’s all well and good, it still doesn’t comfort me much or convince me to go scuba diving in Papua New Guinea any time soon.

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You Won’t Believe This Scary-Fast Shark Attack