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You Won’t Believe the Size of This Lake Trout Caught on a Tip-Up

tip-up lake trout

When you set the hook and feel dead weight, you know you’re into something special.

There’s almost a magical quality about using tip-ups for ice fishing. You never know what could be on the other end of the line when that flag pops up. But we all hope it’s something like this massive lake trout.

The crew from Uncut Angling continues to show us the stuff fishing stories are made of. You won’t believe this clip, especially around the 4:00 mark!

Better than a burbot, huh? When the lake trout you just caught barely fits through the hole and its tail fin spans the length of it, you can pat yourself on the back. You’re one lucky angler.

But luck isn’t everything. Let’s look at what they did to get this humongous laker. First, they were using a tip-up system that allowed them to just use their usual ice fishing rod and reel instead of relying on a tip-up reel itself. Having the drag and a flexible rod likely helped to tire this fish out so it could be landed. Second, they also used a jigging pole to attract fish in the area, but relied on larger baits on the stationary tip-up for bigger fish.

In Part 3 of the videos, they show that they were using whole ciscoes in the 8-12 inch range on the tip-ups. If you’re targeting big fish, this is the best way to weed out all the smaller fish from biting. If you don’t believe that, look at the size of the burbot also down the fish’s gullet. They also use a monofilament quick-set rig, which is a good bet against a lake trout’s hard mouth. Using a jigging pole in the vicinity of the tip-up is a great one-two punch with deadly results.

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You Won’t Believe the Size of This Lake Trout Caught on a Tip-Up