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You Won’t Believe the $!*@% Anti-Hunters Say [PICS]

These statements from anti-hunters will make you go blind from your eyes rolling back in your head. Fair warning.

Sometimes it’s helpful to read someone’s own words to understand their perspective.

Anti-hunters get a lot of flack from those of us in the hunting community, so I thought I’d sample some of their websites and Facebook pages to see just what they believe.

Do they deserve the flack we give them? Decide for yourself…but the answer is sort of obvious.

I feel like you should stop talking

Personal Feeling
Facebook/People Against Hunting

Why does anyone say “personally feel?” Is it possible that someone might mistake your feelings for some collective sentiment? It’s a waste of words.

That aside, please explain what your “human rights” are and where they come from. Where are they enumerated?

Clearly, wherever they’re written they indicate that animals are poor (whatever that means) and should be capable of voting on whether or not they are terrorized to the point of death.

This one’s chock-full of ridiculous assumptions. I’m going to guess this person talks as though each sentence they speak ends like a question.

PETA refuses to get bogged down in facts

PETA Trad Bow Suffer

The study the PETA website is referencing here tracked 80 radio collared deer hunted with traditional archery equipment.

That study concluded 73% of wounded deer survived a bad shot and that perceptions about the “cruel” nature of traditional archery hunting aren’t supported by data. So there. Don’t cherry pick a report and twist it for your own purposes.

(Not quite) 1 Million ANTI Hunters united

Kill & Eat
Facebook/1 Million Anti-Hunters

In response to a picture posted of a successful safari hunt, this back and forth on Facebook made it clear that the folks behind (say it like Dr. Evil) 1 Million ANTI Hunters united is either confirming that animals cannibalize each other, or that they enjoy playing board games together.

No doubt there are social structures in the higher mammals, but seriously? Ever see a band of chimpanzees raid another group and eat their defeated enemies?

I’m sure that poor chimp was enjoying his extremities. The natural world depends on predation to keep balance despite how much enjoyment there is between animals. The naivety in this exchange is unfortunate.

…and they’re a little short

One Million...short
Facebook/1 Million Anti-Hunters

But they’re not just naive, they also can’t count. 1 Million ANTI Hunters is shy of their estimate by 997,655 supporters. Can you really name your group a number it doesn’t have?

I’d even give it to them if they rounded up and called themselves, “2,400 ANTI Hunters united.” I can’t call myself a millionaire until I have a million dollars…so what gives?

And your little dog too - bowhunters

You probably didn’t realize how evil you are until now…or how bad a shot you are, too.

I’m going to give the author the benefit of the doubt and assume he doesn’t mean that I’m slinging 13 arrows at the same deer before I kill it. I don’t have a quiver big enough.

My guess is that he’s saying it takes 13 bad shots before an archer executes a lethal one. I don’t know who the archers were that were in this study, but they ought to give it up. That’s crazy bad shooting.

If bowhunters were really so bad at killing deer, you’d think these folks would be all for archery hunting. We only kill 1/14th of the deer we shoot.

The crazy train’s getting crowded

No Babies
Facebook/Anti-Hunting in America

First, their icon is one of North America’s most effective hunters. Is that irony lost on them?

Anyway, not only are these folks extremely anti-hunting, they’re also anti-baby. Anti-hunters can be dangerous on their own, sabotaging stands and destroying property, but this world view that humans are at best on equal footing with animals and at worst subservient to the needs of animals is chilling.

Thoughts have consequences. Anti-baby?!?

Anti-fishers too


We couldn’t end without giving the anti-fishers some attention. They want you to know how dangerous an all fish diet is. Beware!

It’s funny how they write these statements as though there were so many obvious reasons why we shouldn’t eat fish. It’s like the point is already made and accepted, they’re just putting the icing on the argument cake.

I wonder if we could address their deep concern for our health by practicing catch and release fishing?

Now you know how the opposition feels. It’s a testament to their devotion that they’ll twist or ignore facts to denigrate outdoorsmen.

A few themes I noticed in my wandering included a general agreement that hunters and poachers are the same thing, fundamental misunderstandings of game laws, lots of cute pictures of cuddly animals, and that they describe hunting activities with such incredulity you’d think they were an alien race documenting human behavior. It’s a bizarre bunch.

One last thing. A cherry on top. The featured image at the top of this page is a real thing. For $20 you can purchase a non-hunting license in New Jersey.

For as much as anti-hunters decry the dollars behind the hunting industry, they sure don’t mind making a buck for themselves.

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You Won’t Believe the $!*@% Anti-Hunters Say [PICS]