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The Wonderbag: The Ultimate Insulator in the Field [VIDEO]


This simply smart camping accessory allows you to cook and carry hot game recipes.

Very rarely do we find a product that gets us as excited as this one, for a variety of reasons. First among them is simplicity.

It’s just a very well-insulated bag. No chords, no electronics, no solar panels, nothing to break or wear out. Its uses, however, are pretty complex and varied.

Take this while you’re hunting for more game to put in your wonderbag. It’s a delicious cycle.

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It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, so you could, for instance:

1) Heat chili in the morning, take it into the field (still cooking) and leave it at base camp, shoot a deer, cube some meat, and slow-cook the venison in the hot chili hours later.

2) Take frozen fish into the field and keep it frozen until you make camp at night, heat it over a fire, and keep the leftovers hot overnight for breakfast the next morning.

3) Shoot a couple squirrels, keep them fresh with ice in the Wonderbag, get to camp, heat them over a fire, and let them slow cook while you go out for bigger game.

With this handy list of red meat recipes, for which I’d imagine you could easily sub your game of choice, you don’t have to eat like a caveman just because you’re out in the woods.

Did we mention the philanthropy? There’s also philanthropy.

Wonderbags cost about $50, and for every Wonderbag sold, one gets donated to a family in Africa. These slow-cooker bags can save up to 30% household income a year in some villages, and are otherwise cost-prohibitive for families in need to purchase on their own.

So we’re not sure about you, but we’re having a hard time NOT buying one of these for the office. We only have one question:

How do we get one in camo?

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The Wonderbag: The Ultimate Insulator in the Field [VIDEO]