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Women’s Firearms Are Next Big Thing For Gun Industry [VIDEO]

This video report from CNN Money shows how women’s firearms are becoming a big market for the gun industry.

At this year’s SHOT Show, the largest firearms convention in the US, several of the top gun manufacturers showed off their new lines of women’s firearms. Their gun designs featured feminine packaging, such as purple, pink and glittery grips, and smaller features designed to make shooting easier for women’s physical requirements.

These female-friendly designs showed up in a range of firearms, from new sub-compact handguns to shotguns and rifles, and even in new women’s firearms accessories like concealed carry purses.

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The women’s firearms that debuted at SHOT Show are part of the firearms industry’s response to a growing female customer base. According to CNN, 80 percent of gun manufacturers reported an increase in female customers for 2012.

Several of those sales were self-defense related purchases, and many of them went to concealed carry permit holders. The number of concealed carry permits issued to women jumped significantly last year in two states, Florida and Texas. In the latter, 28 percent of the state’s concealed carry permits belong to women. In Florida, 22 percent of the state’s concealed carry permits belong to women.

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Women’s Firearms Are Next Big Thing For Gun Industry [VIDEO]