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Woman With a Minigun is a Winning Combination [VIDEO]

Miniguns are awesome. A good-looking woman with a minigun is angelic.

Gun enthusiasts sometimes have such an affinity for their firearms that they give them names or refer to them as “her” or “she.” Take that sentiment and add it to the growing group of female shooters, and you’ll see why this video is so likable.

Uploaded by Jill Hensley, this video will make you ask yourself one question: What could be better than this?

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The moment I saw this video, I was reminded of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best films, Predator. In the movie, Blain, the character played by Jesse “The Body” Ventura, carries a minigun through a jungle maze in search of the “thing” that cannot be seen, the Predator.

While in search, the Predator invisibly sneaks up on Blain and the rest of the soldiers, and kills Blain with a couple of laser shots, one of which left a whole in Blain’s chest. Upon seeing the result, Blain’s sidekick, Mac, sees the outline of the Predator’s invisible form, and proceeds to unload everything he has.

Upon hearing the gunshots, the five or six other soldiers, including Arnold, begin to unload all the ammunition they have as well. When Mac runs out of his ammo, he picks up Blain’s minigun and goes to work. It really is one of the best shooting scenes I have ever seen in a movie.

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Woman With a Minigun is a Winning Combination [VIDEO]