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Woman Walking Dogs off Leash Charged by a Moose

Jeremy Wallace, Aspen Times

In Aspen, Colorado, a woman walking her two dogs off leash near the Aspen Community Garden was charged by a moose. 

On a trail near the garden, as the Aspen Times reported, a woman was walking her dogs off leash. They took off toward the garden, but soon rounded the corner at full speed, with a moose in tow.

The woman was being charged by the moose, who still kept running as the woman began to run. The two dogs split up on the trail, which experts believe confused the moose and caused it to settle down.

While she said she has been walking in the area for over 20 years and has never seen a moose, she will be much more careful the next time she heads out. It's also a reason why people should keep their pets on leashes while walking them.

Officials found the moose lumbering around west of town, and other moose sightings were reported in the following hours. The woman and her dogs were not injured, thankfully.


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Woman Walking Dogs off Leash Charged by a Moose