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Woman Swims in Crocodile-Infested Waters with a Beer and Cigarette

Daily Mail

Swimming with crocodiles and living to tell the tale is not something everyone has the opportunity to do.

A 21-year-old Northern Territory woman in Australia has braved swimming with crocodiles after spending the day fishing with friends.

According to reports, the woman had spent the day fishing and drinking at Scott’s Creek and decided to go into the water to cool off, despite the fact that there were 16 and half-foot crocodiles lurking close by. Her 40-year-old friend thought the whole thing was funny and said she would have no hesitation following her into the water.

The water was crystal clear, I would have gone in after her. We know the area really well, we all swim in the creeks and drink a few beers up here.

The 21-year-old had been enjoying a day of fishing and drinking with friends and was the first to brave the waters. Once people saw her go in the water, more followed her example and jumped in, regardless of the risks involved.

However, senior wildlife ranger, Tom Nichols from the Northern Territory government has expressed concerns at the interference of the public with the crocodiles in the area.

“Saltwater crocodiles can just about be anywhere at any time so I urge everyone to stay safe and be crocwise in and around waterways.”

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Woman Swims in Crocodile-Infested Waters with a Beer and Cigarette