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Woman Survives Bear Attack in Virginia [VIDEO]

A woman miraculously survives a bear attack in Virginia while on a family vacation. 

Family trips are a fun and memorable time, especially if your mom survives a bear attack.

This news clip details the encounter one family had while on a trip, where their mom survived a bear attack in Virginia.

When the family first saw the bear they froze, but so did the bear. It chased after them, eventually grabbing a hold of the mother's leg. The bear ended up falling backwards when she punched and kicked it down the hill, and that's when she made her escape.

"Oh my gosh, I was attacked by a bear," Laurie Cooksey smiles as she recalls the trip in Virginia. Thanks to her son's actions they all survived the vacation.

Remember, if you encounter a bear in the woods make yourself as big as possible and make a lot of noise. It's likely this will scare it away if you're without bear spray.

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Woman Survives Bear Attack in Virginia [VIDEO]