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Woman Sucker Punched In Apparent Moose Attack [VIDEO]

This moose attack filmed in Smithers, British Columbia shows a moose striking a woman from behind, but local officials say the animal was not acting aggressively.

Smithers resident Layne Gamble was driving with her visiting sister when she saw a moose standing outside a house by the side of the road. Gamble wasn't surprised, as moose are commonplace in Smithers. But her sister had never seen a moose in the flesh, so she pulled over to film the animal on her phone. What she filmed was some alarming moose behavior.

The video starts with a woman casually walking down the street past the moose standing in the yard. The woman doesn't bother to look at the moose, and passes by it as if it were an ordinary front yard fixture. As she walks by, the moose points its ears down and starts to follow her. The moose quickly picks up its pace, gets right behind the woman, and wallops her in the head with its front left hoof. The video cuts out after that, because Gamble ran to help the woman. She sustained minor injuries.

While the video appears to show a moose attack, wildlife officials said they don't believe the moose was acting aggressively.

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"You can see in the video that it's between a house and a vehicle, and our take on it is that the moose felt it needed to get out of there," local wildlife official Flint Kibbs told the CBC. "It was being cornered, and the easiest way out happened to be over top of this individual."

Kibbs said local wildlife officials have seen the moose around town. They believe that it's pregnant. Kibbs also said local officials aren't planning to put the animal down any time soon.

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Woman Sucker Punched In Apparent Moose Attack [VIDEO]