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Kimi Werner Free Dives and Spearfishes for Octopi and Shark Solo [VIDEO]

Kimi Werner spearfishes for octopus in the waters around the island of Oahu, providing a great role model for women in the outdoors.

This free diving phenom is showing the world that spearfishing in the depths of the ocean is not just for fearless men.

Kimi survives off her catch from the ocean and she certainly works for all the delicious octopi and fish she hunts. Armed only with the air in her lungs, some snorkeling gear and a speargun, she dives to depths of 150 feet and can stay submerged for up to four minutes.

Watch her in action.

Kimi credits her healthy fear and respect for the ocean for keeping her safe. It helps her make smart decisions in an environment where sharks and dangerous currents abound.

The biggest and most real risk she manages is one called “shallow water blackout”, a condition where a diver loses consciousness from holding their breath too long.

Proving that spearfishing isn’t just for the boys, Kimi sets a great example for females in all arenas of outdoor sport. Her constant awareness of her surroundings and the realization of the risks involved make her incredibly smart and less of a daredevil in this calculated sport.

Tune in to Discovery’s “Pacific Warriors” series to see her in action. Watch her in another video where she free dives with a great white shark.

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Kimi Werner Free Dives and Spearfishes for Octopi and Shark Solo [VIDEO]