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Woman Wrestles 6-Foot Deadly Snake with Her Bare Hands

woman tackles deadly snake

In Peru the women are really brave or a little crazy as this woman in the video shows as she rushes to tackle a six foot long, deadly snake.

As shared via YouTube, Amanda Klass shares that this woman is “a researcher, Renata Leite Pitman, who was at Los Amigos Biological Station in Peru.”

Caution: Adult language used in the video as her friends were obviously shocked at the rush to pounce on the deadly snake.

The deadly snake is also named by Klass who identified it as a Yellow Tailed Cribo, a snake known to be in the Amazonian Regions of South America. It is so deadly the National Geographic did a video segment of the deadly snake in their “Deadly 60: Nightmares of the Amazon” show starring Steve Backshall.

Backshall says the snake is not venomous but has an amazingly powerful bite and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Their skin is like silk making it difficult to handle. A Yellow-Tailed Cribo can overpower some of the most dangerous animals in the rain forest including boa constrictors, coral snakes, rattlesnakes and others.



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Woman Wrestles 6-Foot Deadly Snake with Her Bare Hands