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Woman Murdered While Waiting for Gun Permit

FOX News

An innocent New Jersey woman was murdered by her ex-boyfriend because she couldn’t get her gun permit in time.

New Jersey gun laws are some of the most strict in the nation. These laws were set in place with the idea of making it harder for criminals to get their hands on deadly weapons. However, these laws only hurt law-abiding citizens who turn to their constitutional right for self-protection.

In fact, for 39-year-old Carol Bowne, this process took so long that it was eventually too late for her to save herself from her angry ex-boyfriend.

Carol Bowne broke off a relationship with Michael Eitel several months ago. After fearing for her safety and the possibility of domestic violence, Bowne filed a restraining order, updated her home with security and surveillance, and applied for a permit to purchase a handgun on April 21, 2015. Months later, Bowne was still waiting for approval to purchase a weapon for self-defense when Eitel showed up at her home and stabbed her to death.

Police told the Courier Post in New Jersey that she had followed up two days before her murder regarding the status of her permit only to be told that the fingerprint information had not yet been received.

New Jersey gun laws require that any applicants requesting to purchase a deadly weapon need to forgo extensive background checks, mental history, criminal history, and service fees. The state is obligated to approve or deny any requests within 30 days, though gun rights advocates in the state claim that it isn’t unusual for the process to take several months.

Evan Nappen, a New Jersey-based attorney, stated that her application would have been approved since she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Authorities’ search for Eitel, who had served time in the past for kidnapping, came to a halt when he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in another girlfriend’s garage, FOX News reported.

Click here to review New Jersey’s gun laws.

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Woman Murdered While Waiting for Gun Permit