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Woman Mauled to Death By Tiger at Chinese Safari Park

One woman is seriously injured and another is dead after a tiger mauling at a Chinese safari park. Human error is reportedly to blame.

A day at Badaling Wildlife World, located just over an hour northwest of Beijing, turned tragic for one family after a tiger mauling left a woman dead and another seriously injured. The family of four were driving themselves through the 6,000-acre park on July 23, when according to Chinese media, the young couple got into an argument. That was when tragedy struck.

Either upset or angry, a woman exited the stopped vehicle and walked around to the other side. It was at this point a Siberian tiger approached from behind and pounced, dragging her swiftly backwards. An older woman, who was her mother, quickly rushed out and was subsequently eaten alive. The young woman’s husband also attempted to rescue his wife while their young child remained in the car. Both were uninjured. The first victim is in serious condition but is expected to live.


The family had ignored repeated warnings to stay in their vehicle. They were eventually rescued by staff but the older woman was already deceased.

This is not the first death to occur at the safari park. In March an employee was killed by an elephant, and in 2014, a security guard was mauled to death by a tiger after he stepped out of his patrol vehicle.



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Woman Mauled to Death By Tiger at Chinese Safari Park