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Woman Lands a Shark Twice Her Size From Florida Beach

Angler Codi Monroy lands 9 foot lemon shark while surf fishing from a beach in Florida.

The guys over at Team Rebel Fishing helped Codi achieve her goal of landing a shark when they helped her hook into a massive lemon shark while surf fishing in Palm Beach County.

This wasn’t just any old shark either. Once they managed to get the fish onto the beach, it proved to be almost twice her size. It was in the nine foot range and was estimated to weigh over 350 pounds. Not too shabby for the 5’ 4” Codi!

“I know she was really excited. It was the first shark she ever caught. She asked us to go out and go fishing with us. She’s gone out with other people in the past, but they were never able to catch anything. So we got her hooked up on a big fish,” said Zach Miller of Team Rebel Fishing, in a report from

Despite the shark’s massive size, the battle with the fish only lasted about twenty minutes. Team Rebel Fishing respects the sharks that they catch and want to get them landed and back in the water as quickly as possible. They use extremely heavy gear to allow their anglers to haul big fish in without completely tiring the fish out.

“We’re like a NASCAR pit crew,” Miller said. “We’ll have the fish on the beach for 30, 40 seconds maximum before we let them go.”

That was plenty of time for Codi, who finally achieved her goal of landing a shark with the photographic and video evidence to prove it.

For more on this story, including a video of Codi battling the shark, go here.

Have you ever been shark fishing? What was the experience like? Share your stories in the comments section below!


Image via Codi Monroy/Facebook

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Woman Lands a Shark Twice Her Size From Florida Beach