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Woman Killed in Yellowstone While Trying to Photograph an Eagle

A Texas woman, Wendy Larrabee, crossed the road to take a photo of an eagle in Yellowstone National Park when she was struck by a car.

It hasn’t been a great start to the summer season in Yellowstone National Park thus far. First, tourists put a bison in a car, leading to its tragic death as the herd wouldn’t accept it back. Then, Canadian tourists broke one of the cardinal rules of the park: do not walk on the hot springs. Now, a woman has been killed after trying to photograph an eagle.

The 46-year-old Texas woman was traveling with friends by vehicle when she spotted an eagle, as the East Idaho News reported. They pulled alongside the main road near the Madison River. As she was crossing the road to take the photo, she was struck by a car.

Pronounced dead on the scene, Larrabee did not even see the car coming. Park rangers ask that anyone driving in the park take caution and abide by the speed limits, which are in place for tourists and wildlife alike.

However, Larrabee’s untimely death points to a larger problem that the entire National Parks System is facing, especially as the attendance numbers keep rising. Tourists often act with abandon in national parks, and that can cost them their lives.

Road and safety rules still exist in a national park, if not more so. Please always use caution – a vacation to a national park is not a vacation from safety precautions.



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Woman Killed in Yellowstone While Trying to Photograph an Eagle