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Woman Killed by Alligator After Leaving Assisted Living Facility

Fox News

This appears to be the first ever, alligator related death in South Carolina!

It seems that 90-year-old Bonnie Walker went for a stroll from her assisted living facility, and must have slipped into a nearby retention pond, triggering the alligator to attack.

The coroner stated on Friday that the cause of death was, “multiple sharp and blunt force injuries.”

The coroner then went on to state, “Our investigation has confirmed that an alligator was involved in the decedent’s death…There is no indication of an “attack”, but rather it is likely that the decedent slipped, fell down a steep embankment, or otherwise landed in the water, attracting the attention of the alligator.”

Fox News reports that her body was found just hours after she went missing.

While alligators are not as prone to attack as crocodiles, incidents can occur when the animal’s attack instincts are triggered.

Recent efforts to locate the alligator by the Department of Natural Resources last Friday were a success. The team was able to capture a large gator that they believe to be the one involved in the death of Bonnie Walker.

While the news of gator related incidents are extremely rare as far north as South Carolina, occurrences in some of the more southern states are more frequent. Always keep an eye out for gators and scan the water before entering…even if you live in South Carolina.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Bonnie Walker.



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Woman Killed by Alligator After Leaving Assisted Living Facility