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Woman Gets WAY Too Close to Two Bears While Hiking [VIDEO]

Facebook/Stephanie Rivkin

Think you’ve been close to a bear while out in the woods? Think again!

Most people who get this close to bears out in the wild don’t simply walk away to talk about it.

Check out this video shot by hiker Stephanie Rivkin in Connecticut and see what I mean. How did she stay so calm?

Rivkin took the footage while hiking in the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, Connecticut. She posted the incredible footage on her Facebook page and it immediately took off.

“I had no idea whether or not I was supposed to be scared,” Rivkin told NBC Connecticut. “I just felt if I ran, I would be attacked.”

While Rivkin was unhurt in this incident, it was a nerve-wracking experience.

“It was unlike anything I ever experienced before, so I didn’t really know how to react or respond,” Rivkin said. “I kind of just stayed as calm as I could and it seemed to work. I got out alive.”

The hiking trails have since been closed and officials are now searching for the bear that touched Rivkin’s leg. They are planning to euthanize it.

In spite of the scare, Rivkin hopes the bear will live.

“I hope the bears maybe can be moved to a safer area where they’re not putting hikers in danger,” she told reporters.

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Woman Gets WAY Too Close to Two Bears While Hiking [VIDEO]