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Woman Freaks Out on Fisherman Who Caught a Stingray [VIDEO]

This woman loses her cool on a shore fisherman who brought in a stingray. 

A lady on the beach gets a little angry with a shore fisherman who hooked a stingray. Ok, maybe more than a little angry.

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Watch this woman freak out on a fisherman.

A lady goes off on a fisherman who caught a stingray. What are your thoughts?***LIKE COMMENT SHARE***

Posted by Team Fishemaught on Friday, April 3, 2015

The video was posted on Team Fishemaught’s Facebook page on April 4 in San Antonio, Texas. Maybe this was taken on the beaches of Corpus Christi? Regardless of where it was filmed, this is one passionate woman. A shore fisherman pulls in a stingray and this lady starts screaming obscenities.

The angler is clearly Hispanic, I don’t know who she thinks is German.

According to the person filming, the fisherman caught the stingray legally and is going to eat it. He probably should have killed it rather than dragged it up the crowded beach alive but it really is within his rights. Right? This woman clearly doesn’t think so.

She goes as far as to pet it. And she wants to put all Germans from Germany in prison, for some reason.

I think there is something to be said about being overly passionate about something. You can be against fishing or hunting but yelling and screaming about it in public is not the right way to go about it. These days, everyone has a camera so a lot of people can now watch you losing your cool…

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Woman Freaks Out on Fisherman Who Caught a Stingray [VIDEO]