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Woman Fleeing Python is Attacked by Crocodile Instead


Woman flees python, goes straight into a crocodile’s jaws.

A woman in Zimbabwe had an ultimate bit of bad luck when she ran away from a python, straight into the jaws of a crocodile in the river.

Tsitsi Gwanangara was out herding some goats when the 27-year-old was surprised by a large python on the banks of the Runde River on Wednesday afternoon Nehanda Radio reports. She was with another woman and two small children at the time.

Nehanda Radio

“We were herding goats together with an eight-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl,” Ruvarashe Chimbi said. “We saw a snake near our goats and decided to drive them to safety. The snake became aggressive and we tried to escape to the other side of the Runde River.”

That’s when the attack occurred. The crocodile grabbed Gwanangara’s right leg when the group was at about the middle point of the river. Chimbi pulled the two children to safety while Gwanangara fought with the huge reptile.

“She poked her fist into its mouth and it let go of her leg but then gripped her abdomen, just below her right breast,” Chimbi said.

Fortunately, the group’s screams for help were heard by nearby villagers who arrived on scene and chucked rocks at the crocodile until it finally released its grip on the woman.

Members of the village were able to get her to the hospital where Gwanangara is still fighting the multiple severe injuries she received to the abdomen, right leg and right arm. “She was cut and bruised all over the body,” an unnamed nurse at Parirenyatwa Hospital said. “You’d think she was attacked by a chainsaw.”

Hopefully, Gwanangara can recover from her injuries and be able to tell her amazing story of survival although Nehanda Radio reports her condition has worsened since she was transferred between two different hospitals before being brought to Parirenyatwa.

Meanwhile, local officials are planning to work with park rangers to attempt to track down and kill the responsible crocodile.

“She’s a brave woman,” said the Parirenyatwa nurse. “She just refused to die. She told us how she used her bare hands to poke and hit the crocodile in the mouth area until it let go of her.”



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Woman Fleeing Python is Attacked by Crocodile Instead