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Woman Finds Fishing Hook in Seafood Restaurant Meal, But Something's Fishy

New York Daily News

A restaurant in Manhattan is countersuing woman after a hook was found meal. The restaurant claims the fish were farmed with nets and the acquisitions are false.

The New York Daily News reported Aliona Russo was eating at the Villagio on Central Park South in August when she allegedly was served a fish with a hook in it. After biting into the branzino she cut her mouth on a two-inch fishing hook.

Russo said in Manhattan Supreme court papers that she "felt something unusual" after taking bite of the seafood. Russo's lawsuit claims the restaurant was "negligent careless and reckless in its inspection, cooking preparation and service of the fish."

However, a Villagio partner accused Russo of planting the fishing hook in order to scam the restaurant for thousands of dollars. Immediately after the situation, the restaurant refunded the entire party's dinner tab of approximately six individuals. Russo's husband allegedly told the staff that they would need more to settle the issue. He told reporters that he wanted $50,000. After filing of a counter lawsuit, she is now claiming she was "injured, both physically and psychologically."

While speaking with reporters Kalas said, "We're filling a countersuit. We don't think the fishhook was there." He claims, "it is impossible to find a hook in a fish that's harvested through nets."

It was also found Russo's husband is not new to the legal system. In the 1970s, Vincent Russo served prison time for robbery.

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Woman Finds Fishing Hook in Seafood Restaurant Meal, But Something's Fishy