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Woman Films Birth of Two Fawns From Her Backyard Window [VIDEO]

Debbie Parlette/Facebook

A Washington resident noticed a pregnant doe acting like she was about to give birth and grabbed her camera. Then she filmed the birth of two fawns through a window in her home.

The homeowner knew this particular doe and said “this doe almost lives at our house”. So she knew exactly what was going on when she saw the deer acting funny earlier this May.

Witnessing birth just never gets old. Check out the video.

The homeowner has kept an eye on the two young fawns and says they are still together. The doe hides them on her property some days and comes back for them at different times.

It is important for people to know that fawns left alone are more than likely not abandoned. Their only defense is their camouflage, as they cannot run from or fight anything while still in spots. Mature does know this and purposefully leave their young in proper hiding places, and usually fetch them before dark.

So leave fawns where you find them. You’re likely doing more harm than good if you try to “rescue” a little orphaned deer fawn.

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Woman Films Birth of Two Fawns From Her Backyard Window [VIDEO]