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Woman Facing Charges After Trying to Sell Kidnapped Fawn on Craigslist

Travis Smola

Woman could face year of jail time and $1,000 fine in wildlife kidnapping incident. 

A California woman is in hot water with wildlife authorities after she allegedly attempted to sell a live fawn on Craigslist.

State game wardens were alerted to an ad posted on the site by 28-year-old Lacey Jean David on Tuesday. In the ad, she asked $300 for the fawn she allegedly found somewhere in Mendocino County. Wardens were able to set up a sting where David and her boyfriend showed up trying to sell the animal.

SF Gate

David was arrested at the scene, but not for selling the fawn. Instead she was picked up on a warrant for failure to appear in a drug case. Her boyfriend was not arrested.

According to the San Francisco Gate, David told authorities she thought she was doing the right thing for the animal by trying to sell it. Wildlife officials are using the incident to remind people that fawns may appear abandoned, but more often than not, the mother is nearby.

David will likely not get away unpunished for kidnapping the fawn. She and her boyfriend could both possibly face charges later for illegal possession and sale of wildlife.

In California, this could mean up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine. The news of this bizarre kidnapping comes shortly after the Yellowstone bison calf incident that made worldwide headlines. But if there's any good news in the incident, it is that the outcome is happier than the bison calf.

The fawn was turned over to a wildlife rehabilitation center and is reportedly doing well.


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Woman Facing Charges After Trying to Sell Kidnapped Fawn on Craigslist