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North Carolina Woman Finds Copperhead While Driving [VIDEO]

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina are credited with helping a woman after she discovered a copperhead snake slithering in her driver’s side door.

Beckie Kistler was driving down Interstate 485 when she realized her worst nightmare:

There was a snake crawling on the driver’s side door right next to her face, and heading for the steering wheel.

Saying it was barely an inch from her head, she somehow kept it together and got off the road.

Once she had safely gotten off the road, she called animal control.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Control officers removed the snake, which had by that time made its way into her glove box.

Mike Seifert of the Pest Control Authority said that copperhead bites can be fatal. A wild ride for Beckie Kistler, indeed.

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North Carolina Woman Finds Copperhead While Driving [VIDEO]