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Woman Discovers 130-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprints on Australian Beach

dinosaur tracks

Dino footprints discovered hidden on popular beach completely by accident. 

A beachgoer in Australia discovered something beyond the usual sea shells and sand. Instead, she found 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints.

Check out this short video of the tracks in what looks to be an incredibly scenic beach location.

Bindi Lee Porth was the one who found the tracks. And it happened completely by accident after her foot sunk into a soft spot. As you might expect, she simply couldn't believe what she'd stumbled upon.

"Every single day there are people there - kids playing, people fishing, playing footy, sunbathing even," she told reporters. "That's why I thought no, they couldn't have been real because there'd be signs or some sort of notification to let people know these prints are here."

But University of Queensland paleontologist Steve Salisbury said the tracks probably only recently uncovered by recent erratic tides.

"It was a type of theropod dinosaur, a carnivorous one," Salisbury told CNN. He said the animal was likely about 5 feet high and 8 to 13 feet long. The tracks likely belonged to a dinosaur called Megalosauropus Broomensis.

Much like the recent discovery of a Viking sword in Iceland, these types of discoveries just go to show there are still mysteries and clues to the past waiting to be found just about everywhere!

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Woman Discovers 130-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprints on Australian Beach