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Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself While Taking Selfie

A 21-year-old is in critical condition after accidentally shooting herself in the head with a 9mm handgun that she found in her office. She had been trying to take a selfie photo while posing with the gun. 

The woman, who’s name has not been released, found a 9mm handgun in her office in Moscow, Russia and decided to pose for a selfie. She apparently held the gun close to her head for a selfie photo and mistakenly pulled the trigger.

When she accidentally pulled the trigger, the gun went off, shooting the woman through her temple. Luckily, she was not killed instantly but, according to the Sklofosovsky Hospital in Moscow, she is still in “serious condition.”

Russian news chanel RIA Novosti is also reporting that the owner of the weapon, who is a security guard at the company, is now facing up to six months of jail time for negligent weapon possession.

The security guard was on vacation when the incident occurred and says that the weapon was secured in the office when he left. Yet, Russian law says that he, as the owner, is responsible for making sure that no one who is not authorized has access to his weapon.

This selfie tragedy is just the latest in a string of selfie-related incidents which have led to serious injury and death. Young people all over the world are putting themselves in risky situations for self-posed shots.

I think it’s time we take a stand against selfies and start promoting gun, and selfie, safety.

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Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself While Taking Selfie