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Wolves, Eagles and Ravens: Wildlife Feeding on Carcass Buffet [VIDEO]

When an animal dies EVERYBODY comes to dinner!

Nothing goes to waste in nature, and when one hungry critter finds a dead animal you can bet others will join him in the feast before too long.

Here we see groups of ravens, bald eagles – several bald eagles at one time, in fact – and various wolves vie for what’s left of some deceased ungulate. The ravens and eagles seem to get along as well as might be expected, but when the wolves come to the party they are not the most gracious of guests. The wolves scatter the birds and try to take whatever they can for themselves.

Wildlife feeding scenes like this are always very interesting, because it’s a rare occurrence when we are able to witness multiple species in one small location, contending with one another over the same prize. A little David Bowie in the background doesn’t hurt the narrative either.

It is a fascinating short visual documentary, combining both live footage and still pictures to create a view of the harsh and unforgiving nature of, well, nature.

Photographer and videographer Jennifer Hemmings

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Wolves, Eagles and Ravens: Wildlife Feeding on Carcass Buffet [VIDEO]