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Wolf vs. Cougar: Who Comes Out On Top? [VIDEO]

Big cat expert Boone Smith explains what happens when wolves and cougars face off in the wild.

Wolfs and mountain lions are two of the top predators in North America. So what happens when a wolf and cougar fight goes down? Well, that depends on the size of the cat and the number of wolves who get involved in the fight.

A singular wolf vs. cougar fight would be highly unlikely to occur since wolves travel in packs. That is not good news for the cougar. Watch the video to learn more.


While it is easily possible that a large cougar could defeat a single alpha wolf, the wolves have numbers in their favor. There are now nearly 10 packs of wolves totaling close to 500 animals in Yellowstone National Park, where this fight occurred. That means that wolf vs. cougar encounters are likely to go on the rise.

The outcome of such a fight also depends on the terrain. A cougar caught in the open has a much lower chance at surviving than if the fight happened in the woods.

However, in the Bitterroot Mountains to the west, five wolves have been killed by cougars in the past couple of years. That means that the terrain plays a huge part in the outcome of any wolf vs. cougar fight.

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Wolf vs. Cougar: Who Comes Out On Top? [VIDEO]