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A Wolf Puppy Makes an Amazing Alarm Clock [VIDEO]

Did you know that a wolf puppy can make a great alarm clock?

The problem with regular alarm clocks is they are downright annoying, monotonous, and they are not nearly as cute as a wolf puppy alarm clock.

Watch as this wolf puppy takes his new-found role as a lovable canine alarm clock very seriously despite his owner’s laziness.


The evidence speaks for itself, a wolf puppy makes an adorable alarm clock.

Did you notice how the combination of the panting, squealing, barking, and biting by this wolf puppy finally woke his owner up? If given the choice of normal alarm clocks, most people would rather be woken up by a wolf variety, and what’s not to love? They’re fluffy, cute, and they have a face you just can’t say no to.

More on the fabrication and distributing of wolf alarm clocks, coming soon.

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A Wolf Puppy Makes an Amazing Alarm Clock [VIDEO]