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Wolf Premium Oils Introduces Fishing and Archery Oil to Product Line

Wolf Premium Oils
All images courtesy Wolf Premium Oils

Wolf Premium Oils makes an outstanding gun cleaning oil and now brings that excellence to the world of fishing and archery.

According to the company website,

Wolf Premium Oils is an Oklahoma based company that is focused on bringing top-quality tested oils and cleaners to the marketplace.  We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers have the best possible experience using our oils and we 100% stand behind it.  Wolf Premium Oils puts our products through a vigorous testing and application process prior to releasing them to the public.  All of our oils have tested well above average in lubricity and removal of impurities on any metal surfaces.

When I reviewed Wolf Premium Oils gun cleaner a few months ago, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the results. The cleaning and lubricating results that I saw convinced me to immediately make Wolf gun cleaning oil my new go-to gun cleaner.

In an announcement, that any fan of this company will be excited about, Wolf Premium Oils has introduced two new cleaning and lubricating oils to their product line. Now available for purchase are oils especially designed for fishing and archery applications.

Wolf Premium Oils

These new products are definitely up to par with their initial product offering. I had a chance to use the fishing oil on an old reel that hadn’t been cleaned or lubricated in years. After cleaning and applying the fishing oil, that old reel was humming like new again.

According to Wolf Premium Oils owner Mike Wolf, the fishing oil was tested exhaustively near their manufacturing plant in Mississippi in both salt and fresh water. After four months of testing, metal surfaces treated with Wolf’s fishing oil were rust-free. Their product succeeded where others failed in the same time frame.

Wolf Premium Oils

If you care making your outdoor gear last, like any outdoorsman worth their salt does, then you want to be using these products. Keep your gear lubricated and functioning at a high level so it doesn’t fail you when it counts the most.

These two new products from Wolf Premium Oils are available for purchase now on their website.

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Wolf Premium Oils Introduces Fishing and Archery Oil to Product Line