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Wolf Killing Investigation Turns Up Nothing

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

A Montana man will not be charged in death of two wolves on Interstate 90.

Toby Bridges, a Missoula, Montana man, will not be indicted on charges after he apparently ran over two wolves on Interstate 90 last month.  An investigation into the wolf killing incident was started by Montana Fish and Wildlife after Bridges posted pictures on Facebook claiming that he had ran over two wolves.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

Bridges is the creator of Lobo Watch, an anti-wolf website said in an interview with that “There was no time to hit the brakes (like I really would?) and I heard two distinct loud ‘thumps,'” when explaining the incident.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, with the help of the Montana Department of Transportation responded to the Facebook post by beginning an investigation the next day into the events that led up to the wolf killing. Officers from Montana Highway Patrol also assisted with the investigation but were unable to provide the Mineral County Attorney’s office will usable proof the wolf killing was purposely committed.

Captain Joe Jaquith of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks said after the investigation was closed that “There was just no physical evidence to back it up other than the photo of him on the side of the road with a wolf, and there’s plenty of alternate explanations for how that could have happened.” Jaquith and investigators noted that after looking at the vehicle, that its condition was not consistent with a collision with two large animals.

Bridges recently posted on his personal Facebook page in reference to the incident:

I want to personally thank all of you wolf loving fools. You’ve been very good business over on the LOBO WATCH Facebook page. Over the past week, your ignorant remarks about wolves have added more than 400 new WOLF CONTROL followers…and I only had to ban 150 or so wolfaboos. You people are your own worst enemies… please, please keep it up.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks responds to posts such as these seriously and did not have the credible evidence needed to prosecute Bridges in this incident.

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What are your thoughts on Bridges actions during and after the incident? Do you believe he should have been prosecuted? Let us know your thoughts!
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Wolf Killing Investigation Turns Up Nothing