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An Olympian Thinks She Saw a Wolf in a Sochi Hotel [VIDEO]

Is that a wolf in a Sochi hotel hallway?

American luger Kate Hansen is, like many Olympians competing in Sochi, experiencing a slightly different lifestyle and accommodations while visiting Russia. And, like Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant did last week, Hansen is sharing her experience via social media. And we’re glad she did, because now we get to question whether or not Russia has wild animals roaming the hallways of Olympic hotels.

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Hansen uploaded this video to her YouTube channel, and it rather clearly shows a large, wolf-like canine strolling through the hotel, mere feet away from the cracked door she’s filming through. Hushed whispers of panic can be heard, as the animal sniffs out a neighboring doorway and continues around a corner.

Seriously, is this a wolf in a Sochi hotel?

We’re going to bet on the safe side, and assume it is not a wild wolf, and instead a domesticated animal that happens to look very much like a major woodland predator. Domesticated wolves, or wolf-dog hybrids, are not uncommon across the world, and it makes us feel a little better believing our nation’s best athletes are not endangering their lives by staying in Russian hotels.

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Like Hansen said in her video title, either way, it’s yet another “Epic #SochiFail.”

Put your wildlife identity skills to the test: is that a wolf or not?

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An Olympian Thinks She Saw a Wolf in a Sochi Hotel [VIDEO]