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Wolf Gets Run Over by Snowmobile in Shocking Hunting Video


Wolf hunters narrowly avoid attack by running over wounded wolf with snowmobile.

Hunting predators can lead to some very unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous, situations. A predator, such as a wolf, is much more likely to attack when threatened, wounded or cornered. That is exactly what happens in this shocking  hunting video. Hunters have hit their target multiple times and begin to approach in order to finish the job.

The wolf senses the danger and goes into fight or flight mode. It charges at the hunter riding the snowmobile and begins to sink its teeth into anything it can reach. Luckily for the hunter on the snowmobile, the first thing within striking distance for it is the track of the snowmobile.

The hunter then speeds forward before the canine can attack him or his fellow hunting companion. The other hunter finally puts the wolf down for good, but not before both hunters surely got a rush of both fear and adrenaline.

This video is a great example of why shot placement when hunting any type of game is of vital importance. A quick and clean death is the goal of any ethical hunter who lines up an animal in their sights.



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Wolf Gets Run Over by Snowmobile in Shocking Hunting Video