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Wolf Attacks Teen Camper in Minnesota [VIDEO]

Minnesota teen wakes up to a wolf clamped onto his head.

This camper was the unlucky victim of a 75-pound grey wolf’s rage.


Imagine camping in the great outdoors under the beautiful Minnesota stars. Now imagine a 75-pound male grey wolf clamping onto the back of your head and waking up to a life and death struggle.

A 16-year-old boy was sleeping outside of his tent at Lake Winnibigoshish at the West Winnie Campground when the attack occurred. The bite resulted in a rabies shot and 17 staples to the head.

This attack may well be the only wolf attack in Minnesota’s history. The wolf was killed and was found to have a deformed jaw. This may have caused it to attack due to not being able to catch wild food.


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Wolf Attacks Teen Camper in Minnesota [VIDEO]