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Witness the Largest Fish Ever Caught in Nebraska [PICS]

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The largest fish ever caught in Nebraska is one huge catch.

Tom Keller, from Malcolm, Nebraska, was fishing below Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River, when he set hooks into a massive fish.

Little did he know that he was about to make history by reeling in the largest fish ever caught in Nebraska history.

Upon getting the fish into shore, the realization of how big this paddlefish finally set in. With a girth of 41.5 inches, and length of 69 inches, it was only a few feet shy of being more round than what it was long!

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The problem with getting a fish certified for a Nebraska record is that all measurements have to be confirmed. In order for this to happen, certified scales must be used and also witnessed by a fisheries biologist and a full time Nebraska Game and Parks employee.

Once all the proper personnel was in place to certify the fish, they went to a local gas station. However, the certified scales at the gas station only had a 100-pound limit and this fish needled that out fairly easily.

From there, they all went to nearby farm co-op. It was there they finally got the weight.

Coming in at 113.4 pounds, Keller’s paddlefish became largest in state history, as well as the third fish in state history to break the 100-pound state record mark.

Wow, what a fish!

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Witness the Largest Fish Ever Caught in Nebraska [PICS]