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Witness the Intrigue of Pheasant Hunting With SilencerCo [VIDEO]

Watch the calm and joy of both hunters and dogs with the use of the Salvo 12 suppressor by SilencerCo during a pheasant hunt.

This video depicts some awesome pheasant hunting with one of SilencerCo’s growing-in-popularity suppressors.

SilencerCo specializes in making the experience of hunting even better. The company manufactures easy to use, easy to clean suppressors for a variety of guns. Their silencers have a lifetime warranty, no matter what goes wrong. They even promise a 48 hour turnaround on repairs.

The Salvo 12, featured in this video, is the first and only commercial shotgun suppressor in the world. It’s designed so you can add and remove sections. This allows you to modify different aspects of the silencer, including noise suppression, weight and length, to make it fit your specific wants and needs.

The Salvo 12 suppressor works like a charm as they bring down bird after bird. Even the dogs seem to appreciate the quiet hunt.

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Having never hunted with a suppressor, this video makes me think I’ve been making a mistake. My all time favorite hunting dog, an English Springer Spaniel by the name of Ellie Mae, turned gun shy when she was four years old. She still loved to hunt, but I could only get one good flush out of her. As soon as I’d shoot, she’d be gone. When I’d finish hunting, I’d find her sitting next to the truck, waiting to go home.

If I would have had a silencer like one of these, she and I both could have hunted all day.

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Witness the Intrigue of Pheasant Hunting With SilencerCo [VIDEO]