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Wisconsin Youth Turkey Hunter Tags Picture Perfect Gobbler

Ryan Arneson

Talk about about a proud parent moment.

There's really nothing better than watching the excitement of a youth turkey hunter carry on the tradition of taking down a picture perfect strutting long beard.

Sit back and watch this next generation turkey make a perfect shot on a slammer turkey.

Nothing better than a perfect bird and a perfect shot!

One of the best shotgun gauges for a youth turkey hunter is, without a doubt, the 20 gauge. This gauge won't kick nearly as hard as a 12 gauge and unlike smaller gauges is still able to carry enough punch to take out hung up birds at greater distances. The other added benefit to choosing a 20 gauge over smaller gauges like a .410  is that the option for shooting high velocity, hard hitting turkey loads are still very much available.

Check out the Hevi-Metal Turkey in 20 gauge from Hevi-shot, it's the perfect blend of a hard hitting round that carries a tight pattern for a soft kicking youth shotgun.


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Wisconsin Youth Turkey Hunter Tags Picture Perfect Gobbler