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Wisconsin is Working to Rebuild Local Elk Populations

 Local elk populations in Wisconsin are coming back after an absence of almost 150 years.

The first group of elk from the program were released last August. Currently 13 of the 23 animals are still alive and well. In order to continue to grow the local elk populations authorities working no the project recently released 50 more elk into the area this past July.

Overall efforts seem to be working. WKBT released this video report on the topic.

While the numbers certainly can’t support any type of harvesting of yet, the project continues to move forward with its cause.

Roepke, an expert working on the program, explains, “Elk were a native specie not only throughout Wisconsin but throughout the lower 48 states. As European settlers kind of came across the continent… they over harvested Elk during the early to mid-1800’s. In addition to the over harvest there was also a loss in habitat, so a lot of the forests were turned into farmland.”

Experts are asking the public to give the animals their space as they adjust to their new surroundings. Meanwhile the authorities will continue to monitor the elk through gps and radio tags.


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Wisconsin is Working to Rebuild Local Elk Populations