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Wisconsin Tribal Member Cuts Head off Locally Famous Baby Moose

image via Maribeth Park

This flat out disgusting act from a Wisconsin tribal member cannot go unpunished. 

Wisconsin is not known for moose these days. As a matter of fact, moose sightings are pretty rare. However, one locally famous baby moose has been sighted time and again around the Minocqua area inside the Lac du Flambeau reservation.

Pictures and videos have been filling social media every time a passerby had a sighting. Unfortunately things have just changed as a tribal member from Lac du Flambeau hunted it down and cut it's head off.


Image via Stormi Schmidt of the moose just days before it was killed.

Locals in the area were outraged to start seeing this photo floating around of their local celebrity. Then, again, how can you blame them? Moose sightings are so rare in this area that when they occur, it stops traffic while quickly becoming the talk of the community.


The Lac Du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians had this to say about the incident. 

On Wednesday morning at approximately 1:00 am, a moose was shot by a Tribal Member on the Lac du Flambeau Reservation. The police department was dispatched, and the incident was investigated.

The Tribal Conservation Department and the Wisconsin DNR were contacted. The Wisconsin DNR noted that the Tribe has jurisdiction in this issue.

Due to the rarity of moose in this area, the Tribe does not condone hunting of moose. The Lac du Flambeau Natural Resource Department, Conservation Department and Tribal Attorney's Office are working on an emergency rule to present to the Tribal Council that prohibits the hunting of moose within the Lac du Flambeau boundaries.

The tribal council has spoken out on record against this type of action, but unfortunately, it's a little too late. This sort of unethical and deliberate killing of such a locally rare animal has no place anywhere. This is poaching used in the absolute harshest of terms.

As a person that knows more than a few people in this area, I can speak in confidence in saying that the Northwoods is enraged by this incident. What the tribe is going to do about this is yet to be seen, but details are still emerging.


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Wisconsin Tribal Member Cuts Head off Locally Famous Baby Moose