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Does Wisconsin’s Pink Camo Bill Hit the Mark with Female Hunters? [VIDEO]

Is allowing pink camo the right way to bring more women to the sport?

Currently, in the Wisconsin legislature, a bill is being shopped around to legalize the use of blaze pink camo to accompany the traditional blaze orange worn by hunters now. The reason for allowing blaze pink camo is simple: Wisconsin wants more female hunters.

In this short clip from a newscast by WKOW, hear the details yourself before casting judgment on a possible blaze pink camo decision.

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According to one researcher, Dr. Majid Sarmadi, a Human Ecology professor at UW-Madison whose main focus is in colors, actually says men may be wearing blaze pink in the near future as well.

“Because deer can see a shade of yellow and the more yellow is in the color, the easier for the deer to see it,” said Dr. Sarmadi. “There is a lot of yellow in orange, but none in pink.”

Not only is pink harder for deer to see, but according to Sarmadi, it’s easier for hunters to see in the woods as well.

“Because at that time everything is yellow and brown and orange color – the whole forest – therefore pink will stand out much more than those colors, so hunters will be safer.”

This whole idea came about when Democrat Nick Milroy proposed this bill because recent fashion trends in the industry have only been growing towards pink camo.

“A lot of young people are wearing pink camouflage and a lot of manufacturers are starting to market to young women and I thought this was a great opportunity that Wisconsin might be able to capitalize on this trend,” said Rep. Milroy.

Most female hunters that I know are personally offended at the thought of pink camo. In large part, they feel as if the hunting industry is demeaning women by offering it at all, not to mention that most women that wear pink camo are more concerned with the fashion than hunting.

On second thought, any bill that makes hunting more inclusive to more people is a good thing, right? Either way, one thing is for certain: in the state of Wisconsin, some are hoping blaze pink becomes the new blaze orange.

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Does Wisconsin’s Pink Camo Bill Hit the Mark with Female Hunters? [VIDEO]