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Wisconsin Man Jailed for Deer ‘Thrill Killing’


The killing of numerous deer, apparently for only thrill, land a Wisconsin man in jail.

Grant Boese, of Ripon, took part in a “thrill killing” exercise of 15 deer last year and has been sentenced to six months in jail, according to reports.

He pleaded no contest in Green Lake County court Monday as he was facing six counts of failing to obtain a deer hunting license, during his activities. Boese has been sentenced to three years of probation, and will lose his hunting privileges for the next 12 years.

Through a plea agreement with prosecutors, 122 other counts against Boese will be dropped.

Court documents say Boese shot 11 deer from the passenger seat of a vehicle, leading to the action being dubbed a “thrill kill.”

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Wisconsin Man Jailed for Deer ‘Thrill Killing’