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Wisconsin Hunter Bags 780-Pound Black Bear Nicknamed 'Sampson' [VIDEO]


A Waupaca County hunter bagged the black bear of a lifetime over the weekend.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! After years of eluding local hunters, a 780-pound black bear, dubbed "Sampson" by local hunters, finally met his demise.

Hunter Dennis Arndt spotted and fell the bear last weekend in a swamp at dusk. The bear was so massive that Arndt and his friends had to use a skid steer to transport it out of the swamp.

Wildlife officials say the bear is largest one they've seen in years.

"Some of the bears in the Waupaca area that I'm familiar with have been in that 4-500 pound range, and I hear about one a year. But this is just an incredible animal," said DNR Conservation Warden Ted Dremel.

Here's more of the story from FOX11.

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It may take a few months for the state DNR to determine whether the bear is an official state record. Black bear records in Wisconsin are based on skull size.

As for Arndt, he's happy just to have taken such an incredible bear.

"It was totally an experience for everybody. It was amazing," said Arndt.

He said Sampson is at a taxidermist being prepared as a full mount.

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Wisconsin Hunter Bags 780-Pound Black Bear Nicknamed 'Sampson' [VIDEO]