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Wisconsin Gray Wolf Kills Buck in Front of Hunter

Wisconsin gray wolf attack

A Wisconsin gray wolf kills a mature buck and this hunter caught it on tape.

Over the last couple of years there have been those who want wolves to be removed from the Midwest in states such as Wisconsin, but there are also those who want to protect the animal. We’ll let you decide after you watch this footage of a Wisconsin gray wolf killing and eating a whitetail buck.

This video out of Portage County, Wisconsin is a clear depiction of what the predator can do a deer herd. Predators such as the gray wolf are meant to keep the balance of ecosystems in check, but likewise, hunters can play a part in that as well.

Currently the gray wolf is an endangered species in Wisconsin, according to a Federal court decision made earlier this year.

In the video you can hear the deer moaning in its failed attempt to escape. The hunter records the aftermath of what the gray wolf did to the 9-point buck, and you can sense the hunter’s frustration during and after the animal was killed.

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Wisconsin Gray Wolf Kills Buck in Front of Hunter