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Wisconsin Fisherman Catches Rare Golden Crappie

golden crappie

Steve Volkman got quite the surprise when he pulled in a seemingly normal crappie bite on Wisconsin’s Fox River and found it to be anything but.

The crappie Volkman pulled in was bright gold in color and resembles a goldfish. Volkman’s very unique catch came earlier this month, on, of all days, Friday the 13th. “My magical golden crappie appeared, and we were pretty startled Volkman told Fox 11 News.

Other than the fish’s odd coloration, the crappie was healthy and full of eggs. Volkman’s friends were as stunned as he was by the odd catch. “I looked at it, and thought my glasses were playing tricks on me,” Donnie Lornson told Fox 11 News.


Of course, it didn’t take long for the fish to become an internet sensation. Eventually Volkman decided to take the fish to the Department of Natural Resources office to see what they had to say. It turns out, DNR Senior Fisheries Biologist Ryan Koenigs was just as amazed as Volkman and his friends were.

“We were as stumped as the angler was when it came in,” Koenigs told Fox 11 News. “We had never seen anything like this.

“The shape of the fish, it looked exactly like the other black crappies that he had in the bucket,” Koenigs told the station. “The color was just very different.”

But it wasn’t the first time Koenigs has seen a golden crappie. Another was caught three years earlier in the Chippewa Flowage.

Golden-colored fish do happen from time to time, and they never fail to make headlines when they are caught. A golden walleye was caught in New York last May. A Georgia fisherman first saw a golden rainbow trout and then later finally landed one earlier this year.

Last September, a golden largemouth bass was the talk of an Ontario fishing tournament. It turns out, these odd colorations are the result of a genetic mutation.

Obviously, Volkman is planning on having his once-in-a-lifetime catch mounted.

Images via Fox 11 News.



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Wisconsin Fisherman Catches Rare Golden Crappie