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Wisconsin DNR Asks for Deer Hunters' Help in Wildlife Observation Survey

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The Wisconsin DNR wants to connect with the state's deer hunters to help gather wildlife data this hunting season.

If you are heading to your deer stand in Wisconsin this season, you can help contribute to a comprehensive wildlife study. For an eighth year, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources seeks the help of deer hunters in an important research initiative.

By filling out a user-friendly survey, hunters can contribute their observations on deer and other wildlife, which the DNR will then compile.

At the close of the year, hunters will receive a personalized summary of what they observed throughout their hunting season. Interested hunters can access the survey by checking out the DNR website at this link.

These observations from participating hunters play an important role in supplementing DNR surveys of animal abundance in the Wisconsin fields and forests.

Jess Rees Lohr, a DNR research scientist, highlights the difference this survey makes, saying, "The Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey is a fun opportunity for hunters to share their enthusiasm for wildlife while helping survey efforts."

Interested hunters can also submit trail camera photos of Wisconsin wildlife to the DNR, which will then be posted to one of their sites. The gallery is continually updated, so it's well worth a periodic visit.

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Wisconsin DNR Asks for Deer Hunters' Help in Wildlife Observation Survey